Back in Charge: Levi's XX with LVC

We've all been waiting for it, for Levi's to wake up and say "Gosh darn it! We are were first and we are the best. Let's set the standard once more! We don't have to leave it up to the Japanese (and Imogene + Willie, of course) to make the sickest jeans." Well, thankfully someone is listening because Levi's is REALLY doing it right with XX. Each Levi's Vintage Clothing piece is an archival reproduction straight from the Levi's vault. With LVC, Levi's recreates their own masterpieces right down to the original tag! Included in the line is the prodigal son of denim, the famous 1947 Levi's 501, done in beautiful shrink-to-fit Cone denim fabric. Perhaps the best part of all is, we are lucky enough to be one of only a handful of stores to carry this fine merchandise. Call or email with questions and price inquiries. (615) 292-5005 or -ian

The Search is Over...

We know how hard it is to find the right bag. It's got to be big enough to fit the necessities (and more) but not so huge that you're tempted to overfill it to the chagrin of your poor back. Well, we are pleased to announce that the search is over for the perfect satchel...Introducing our very own mail bag! A collaborative creation by Emil Erwin and Imogene + Willie... and made right here in Nashville, Tennessee...
It features two main compartments, pen and phone pockets, adjustable leather shoulder strap, solid brass hardware, and brass rivets throughout for reinforcement. The result is exactly what you are looking for: exclusivity, quality, durability, classic style, and even domestic origin. Needless to say, everyone here wants one!

We have a a very limited selection of these bags currently, but will be ramping up production soon. Be the first to nab one up at this introductory price! Call or email with inquiries, (615) 292-5005 or -ian

Dimensions: 19"x 13.5"x 6". Price $650.


my dad's best friend told me when i was little that laughter heals. and keeps us healthy.
and then, God gave me matt, who keeps my face hurting from laughter

we asked thomas petillo, our dear soul-mate friend and imogene+willie team member and photographer, to capture a little party that we had at the store last week. we were celebrating our friendship with another store in town... h. audrey.
and then primarily honoring our friend and mentor and laughing partner, susie crippen. susie is the co-founder and was the creative director of J BRAND jeans, prior to the company being sold last week. more importantly, susie is that one that brings sheer joy and bellowing laughter (and at the same time, wisdom) into a room when she enters.

thank you, thomas, for capturing another day in life of some good eye smiling, mouth opened laughter at the gas station.

Gents, We've Got Your Back...

Photos courtesy of Thomas Petillo.

We know some of you have waited until this weekend to shop for that special someone, and that is why we at Imogene + Willie are attempting to save you from the dog house with these lovely gift ideas! A good place to start: Lux Revival Jewelry (notice the heart theme) and Olive & Sinclair Limited Edition Chocolate (each bar is packaged with a signed and numbered print by Bryce McCloud!)

Trust us, if you don't thank us, she will. To inquire for prices, just give us a call at the shop! (615) 292-5005. -ian

happy birthday

yow. crying my eyes out... tears of happy, as i type this.
one year ago, imogene+willie was born.
actually, one year ago a couple of weeks ago... but wanted to wait and commemorate it until about now because, one year ago as of january 26th, until february 26th.... 250 people across america essentially jump started imogene+willie by ordering a pair of jeans from us.
i have to say that typically, i struggle to remember much about the day from 1 year before anything.
but i remember this time so crystal clearly.
i would love to share with you all pictures from a year ago, but they are an unreal series of a 100 year old tree cracked in two and laying on our house, and a bunch of family in pajamas at our house, with no shower for days.
just envision...
jan 26th.
3am: LAUNCH. pressed "publish post" on our first blog entry. sent out the link to about 25 friends and family.
7am: it's snowing. no. it's icing. like, 6 inches? a real state of emergency.
power outages almost literally everywhere in our hometown, BUT our house. family from both sides start to gather at our place. this is going to be fun! slumber party for a night.... which turned into 7 nights?!
9 kids all under 10, running around the house with cabin fever for days, computers plugged in all over the house... adults working from camp eddmenson. full cafeteria set up in our kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner feeds.
and meanwhile.... jean orders coming in from all over the country. and from across the big waters.
we just couldn't even believe it.
imogene+willie, which was planned meticulously for success, but with odds still so against it at such a tough time in our world.... was really going to happen.
happy 1 year birthday only because of all of those that believed in it.
if any of you 250 are reading this.... thank you is not nearly enough.