welcoming committee

so much to share with you, but all i can see this early morning minute is this sweet lale that used to be so bucking crazy and now is nothing but so lovely since she moved in to the gas station.
everyone that knew her prior to nashville knows that she was an absolute hellion, and least likely to ever be a shop dog.
and now, she sits in this chair and waits for her guests that she greets so sweetly.
good morning.

softly.... OPEN.

with no fanfare or advertising, imogene + willie opened on monday.
sunday night for us was like the night before the first day of school.
i laid in air mattress bed wondering what to wear.  it was finally time to retire the 10th grade black gym shorts with paint all over them and the grey tank top that, my nieces kept saying for the past two months..."you had that on the last time we saw you."
matt, who falls asleep so sweetly, was laying wondering and waiting, too, what monday would bring.

so monday brought...
new friends, families, dogs and community into imogene + willie.  full house all day and into the night.  unbelievable, is the best way to explain what we are feeling.
we are still pinching ourselves that the dream is coming true just as we dreamt it.
that above sentence is so true, but there were so many bumps along the way.
we are still working towards being complete.  but we are realizing the shop will never be complete...and so appreciative that those of you that have stepped inside understand that.

we are watching you look and buy and learning about what you want or need.  
we are just....... open!  we are finally shopkeepers, and loving it.  imogene + willie is ready for you. come on.

the eddmenson's.
p.s. forgot to tell you where to find us..
2601 12th avenue south
nashville, tn 37204
on the corner of 12th and sweetbriar

sign will go up closer to grand opening mid july.  look for big orange plus sign on the building.

and one more thing.
thank you (so much) family, jon, kyle, thomas, joshua, brad, nick, john, fredready, louise, sarah, miranda, michael, landon, nestor, gloria, allen, stuart, jen, ben, danielle, dick, loren, investors, jason, sue, mas tacos, leigh, bo, baxter, anne, daron, billy and kevin!