kings of leon+imogene+willie

imogene+willie vintage military t and a beautiful pair of old levi's from the store, rocked out for nathan by nestor.

aron wright + imogene and willie

aron stopped by the store yesterday and took these amazing photos. we know him best as a singer/songwriter but as you can tell the boys got talent! check out his new album "in the woods" here. thanks aron!

"you got the look"

are you kidding me? do they know how rad they look? boots....jeans....shirts.... jackets....and hats. all available at the shop. come on by! motorcycle not included. have a great week! oh yeah the website is up. check it out here!  

taco time

another reason to come to nashville.
join us tonight and every wednesday through august for mas tacos truck.
5-8pm.  backyard is ready for you to enjoy.  someone bring a guitar.

so rad.......

i have to say...i love this photo. everything about it says "awesome"...the bike ...the jeans....the shirts....and i'm still a little confused as to why things don't look like this anymore? often times we'll look at an old car or motorcycle and think "dude that's so rad!"...and then wonder why the modern versions suck so bad. now i know design has to evolve but does it have to lose its cool factor? i'll tell you now that i would die climbing over a new harley to get the bike in this picture. the same thing goes for the jeans......oh wait....i forgot i'm wearing the willie! later.