my dad's best friend told me when i was little that laughter heals. and keeps us healthy.
and then, God gave me matt, who keeps my face hurting from laughter

we asked thomas petillo, our dear soul-mate friend and imogene+willie team member and photographer, to capture a little party that we had at the store last week. we were celebrating our friendship with another store in town... h. audrey.
and then primarily honoring our friend and mentor and laughing partner, susie crippen. susie is the co-founder and was the creative director of J BRAND jeans, prior to the company being sold last week. more importantly, susie is that one that brings sheer joy and bellowing laughter (and at the same time, wisdom) into a room when she enters.

thank you, thomas, for capturing another day in life of some good eye smiling, mouth opened laughter at the gas station.

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