our story.

dear friends and family.
nice to meet you and looking forward to knowing you... new friends that find us here and those that we meet along the way.

as we prepare to make a move just a little bit south of kentucky, we really would like to share with you our plans.

for a really long time, matt and i have dreamt about a special little business with a store front. and of course, the dream has some blue jeans in it. but that is not all.
we have worked for the past months defining what this means, where it works, what it provides, how it looks and feels and smells. and mostly... how to best create this concept for it to be right for this world in this time.

so, even though we can't share with you exactly our street number yet, we would like you to be the first to know about imogene + willie. (pronounced i mo gene and willie...)
we will be waiting for you around late spring in nashville, tennessee.

we don't sleep much at night, so very excited about opening the doors at imogene + willie.
once inside, you will find a constantly evolving shop atmosphere that inspires us and our customers.
we will provide product that it right for the time: clean, special, affordable, and mostly, but not all, vintage....all of these treasures found with love.
and then timeless denim. rare old pairs. with atleast one pair, you will always fall in love. we will pick it out with you. and then.... the in-house sewing masters will make it fit you as if it were made only for you.

we are so honored that our friends and long time colleagues, nestor and gloria, have joined the imogene + willie team.
nestor and gloria have worked with us for 2 decades! they are the secret ingredient of success to a very long list of premium brands that we have worked with over the years.

as nestor and gloria will make this journey with us, there adds another special element to the business.
we will offer pattern making and design services to brands all around the world, as well as to individuals seeking services for custom style.

and then.
our collection... imogene + willie. started from grass roots, and literally sewn in the back of the store.

photos by matthew hicks

art direction by jonathan hittner