BEEP...BEEP....Whose got the keys to my JEEP....

"Yeah Son.....that's that 1946 Willy...... full resto going down!" OK.....Thank You Funk Master Flex.
Started this little Fall/Winter project a couple weeks ago. It is coming along nicely thanks to my buddies David and Nick.
I'm really excited because I've wanted one of these forever, and though I'm not a mechanic, I've become quite the "Body Man!"
Here are a few pictures I'd like to share with you while in progress.

Me doing some body work.

Nick cutting out and replacing the side panel.

Bed and floor pans being lined.

Ready for clear coat....

Tub on chassie.....yeah!

More to come...................

forgot one......


thanks for the reminder Ian.........

they don't make'em like this anymore.......

If you go back and watch any of these movies today, you'll probably laugh. Hell, i know you will, but when they came out.....OOOH....I wore out my the reels on my VCR watching Christian Slater bombing that hill or Cru Jones racing around the impossible Helltrack. These films inspired me growing up in rural Kentucky. I guess these movies are partly responsible for my back surgery I had last year, too........damn it Keanu Reeves!!!!!

my sanctuary this morning

everywhere we turn in this little big town, we meet someone that inspires us.
this morning, both matt and i are silenced by photographer, mark tucker.

mark came in the store a few days ago to shoot our teammate, ian.
when we went to mark's site to see the image, we found the video above.

mark's notes on the sweet man...
"My friend Buddy Jackson told me about a jewel of a fine man, who happens to live down the street from me. He’s 95 years old, still drives his big Lincoln to the grocery, and still has a strong singing voice. He likes blues songs, but prefers to sing church spirituals."