The Search is Over...

We know how hard it is to find the right bag. It's got to be big enough to fit the necessities (and more) but not so huge that you're tempted to overfill it to the chagrin of your poor back. Well, we are pleased to announce that the search is over for the perfect satchel...Introducing our very own mail bag! A collaborative creation by Emil Erwin and Imogene + Willie... and made right here in Nashville, Tennessee...
It features two main compartments, pen and phone pockets, adjustable leather shoulder strap, solid brass hardware, and brass rivets throughout for reinforcement. The result is exactly what you are looking for: exclusivity, quality, durability, classic style, and even domestic origin. Needless to say, everyone here wants one!

We have a a very limited selection of these bags currently, but will be ramping up production soon. Be the first to nab one up at this introductory price! Call or email with inquiries, (615) 292-5005 or -ian

Dimensions: 19"x 13.5"x 6". Price $650.


  1. If this is made by the guy I think it is, I met him once at an arts and crafts festival at Centennial Park. His stuff is excellent, this is a great bag.


  2. These bags are great! I designed the brand for Emil Erwin and in doing so I had the opportunity to look at and feel all of the products. They are superior quality and no detail is overlooked. Great job Imogene + Willie and great craftsmanship Emil Erwin.

  3. Awesome bag!!

    ANTHONYMATULA, I followed your link you to your site, fantastic work.

  4. Fantastic new addition. Any additional info on Emil Erwin? Had a dig around online but couldn't find anything. Would be great to know more.