GO BIG BLUE. and.........

if you are reading from japan, amsterdam, ontario....or anywhere outside of the USA, you might want to tune out for a minute.
we are talking march madness.

go big blue. and.....
orange, because we respect the rivalry (working on it) and landed our imogene+willie ship in it's state... and love our shareholders, some of which love the orange!
but let us say again: KENTUCKY BLUE!!!!

now taking pre-orders for the K and the T, made at imogene+willie.
ladies: your piece is a dead stock scoop neck military undershirt. a little long and tunic-y. i love it. your choice... K or T on the front, our plus sign on the sleeve.
guys: and yours... on a dead stock henley. same configuration.
price for limited edition piece: $85.

email or call to place an order.
we are expecting quite a gathering of kentucky fans in nashville next weekend for the SEC tourney. want to make sure that you call in advance to reserve your piece.

love, c


  1. I wore my new jeans to break in at the Vandy/UTK game a couple of weekends ago.

    By the way, I already want a second pair. I think the raw denim addiction has begun!

  2. what about girls who love duke? sigh.

  3. I'm very bummed. Why isn't there a V?

  4. i LOVE my K shirt!!!!!!!!!!
    go big blue. go big blue.

  5. I also LOVE my K shirt! It's very fun to wear in North Carolina this year! Just very jealous that I didn't get to pick it up in person. Thanks for sending it very special delivery through my favorite six-year-old, who thought that his mommy's friend was the bees' knees. Love you. xo. Go Cats!