Beauty in Black & White

There is a power in simplicity. In a social issue, a radical new idea, a photograph, a design; a black & white mentality exudes a unique power, unencumbered by unnecessary detail, or distracting "color." The raw image, the heart, instinctual free-thought. We have attempted to espouse this focused, simple energy by making a product that breaks barriers in a subtle, slow, and intentional way. Rooting our designs and thoughts in history, family, friends, and life, avoiding compositional aberration, or baseless pretension. Imogene + Willie wants to make a jean for your life. Thank you to everyone who has embraced our store and the product we make. As we approach Spring/Summer 2010, we look forward to beginning year two of Imogene + Willie. We wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. Love, Ian @ I+W

1 comment:

  1. i love the photos. Black and white is also my passion and carries through to many other parts of me, the simplicity and intense beauty. I love your clothes and and the sturdy, comfortable look of them. Warms my heart.

    -Jordan Nicholson
    A Girl Out in California.