my sanctuary this morning

everywhere we turn in this little big town, we meet someone that inspires us.
this morning, both matt and i are silenced by photographer, mark tucker.

mark came in the store a few days ago to shoot our teammate, ian.
when we went to mark's site to see the image, we found the video above.

mark's notes on the sweet man...
"My friend Buddy Jackson told me about a jewel of a fine man, who happens to live down the street from me. He’s 95 years old, still drives his big Lincoln to the grocery, and still has a strong singing voice. He likes blues songs, but prefers to sing church spirituals."



  1. beautiful...peacefull

  2. Beautiful photo--nice indeed. Okay, Ian, I gotta know where you scooped up those awesome frames--!
    Rob with AmericanAntler