our inspiration.

once upon a time in 1998, my brother sent me on my first trend watching and shopping trip abroad.
amsterdam, paris, barcelona, london.
i went with a mentor named mary, who was and still is a guru in the denim world.

i packed my suitcase with too many cute tops and good jeans, plus some skirts and dresses, and far too many toiletries.
this was years before the suitcase weight limit or baggage fee was enforced by the airlines. but nevertheless, my brother came to check my suitcase the night before and said, "oh no. this is NOT what you are taking".
how dare he re-pack me.....but he was my boss!
the very colorful and textural assortment was removed from the suitcase and replaced with:
one pair of rigid jeans and white t-shirts. and just ONE sweater?! what the hell?
i wasn't a boy! i wasn't like HIM!
he said, "leave the white t-shirts over there. it will open space in your suitcase to bring more things home".
i went a little over board with the bringing things home part..... but that is another story.

that night's re-pack remains with me as one of the thousands of lessons that my brother taught me.

that started my journey of wearing jeans in. the real way. (i didn't say the right way.... there are many "right" ways.)
it did not only aid in the development of my understanding of denim, both the fabrics and the fits - but it also was the beginning of building a personal collection.

my collection is weak compared to my brother's and my husband's. i still occasionally slip back into..... "fashion".
but, i always always always end up back where my brother took me that night. to my jeans and my t-shirt. or at least a white shirt.
it's the place where i feel the most genuine and authentic.

some of you know that imogene+willie turns ONE YEAR about right now. we won't have a big celebration until august (stay tuned).
but, still..... want to commemorate the birthday in some way right now.
my brother works for levi's now.
that brand is and will always be the father of it all, but my brother still finds time in his jean wearing rotation to pay homage to his willie's, of which just turned ONE, as well.

he sent matt and me pictures of his willie's this morning. we have included them in this post.
if you have a minute, click on the pictures to see the real up close beauty.
hoping that they will be inspiration to you and your pants, as he has been our inspiration all along.

carrie and matt


  1. so proud of all three of you. happy happy one. love you all so much.

  2. i love this story. (wow i have never seen bart in sneakers!)