sitting on the porch: a place and a state of mind

i love tennessee, but i really miss our front porch in kentucky.
below is a note in my inbox that i woke up to a couple of mornings ago.
all of our lives and endeavors start to spin and can get so... disconnected.
thank you, customer sitting on the porch, for bringing me, personally, back to SIMPLY why (and where: on the front porch) we started our little project called imogene+willie.

...."i was just having a sit on my porch and i found myself admiring the pair of pants i was wearing,
made by imogene + willie here in nashville, it's my home town. so, i feel compelled to let of all of you down there know, and i'm sure my voice bleeds into many, that i'm happy you all have seen fit to make something of it here.
nice to have you."

this is day one of back to blogging.
matt and i, as well as ian, our store keeper, are each going to put the ink to the paper monday, wednesday and friday... or saturday in this first case.


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